Personal reports & Karanga Camp: Update 6

As they hiked down hills and through boulders, day four was extremely strenuous for the amputee climbers. Their bodies were aching and sore, but they were full of positivity and determination to press on.

The route has been tough on Kisha‘s leg. The constant battery has caused an irritating headache, but she remains cheerful and will recover after some rest.

Nick experienced general soreness throughout his body. The rough terrain has already worn a hole in his shoe, but even so, he has helped carry other climbers’ loads.

Hiking downhill and through the rocks was a grueling task for Steve M. He has been experiencing extreme soreness where his real legs connect to the prosthetics. He moved slowly, but with an enthusiastic outlook. Some rest should fire him up for day five.

Trekking downhill was also arduous for Erich. His knee was in great pain, but he has also upheld a positive attitude and continues to make the group laugh.

Orlando moved slowly through the boulders, as the terrain wore on his knee, too. He has maintained a favorable perspective and should recover by morning.

“Attipjos good.” (Very unsure as to who or what this refers to… The only amputee not mentioned is Sarah, so let’s hope she is “good!”)

The warriors also sent a special message for the occasion: “Today is February 14th and we want to wish a happy Valentine’s Day at home to Lisa, Christine, Tammy, Kelly and Jen.

Today, the Kilimanjaro Warriors will depart from Barranco Camp and hike a demanding  2.2 miles to Karanga Camp, 13,200 feet. Before they enter the arctic zone, they will first have to conquer the face of the Barranco Wall (below).

bwallPhoto Source 

After ascending up the wall, they will find colder temperatures and a challenging altitude among marbled ice and more rocks.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.36.32 PM

Things are becoming more difficult every day, so please continue to send your encouragement! We are so close to the top!


  1. You guys were on my mind this morning. I had my alarm set to go work out, but kept pushing snooze because I just didn’t “feel” up to it. My next thought was to you Warrioirs…battling your pain and being bigger than the mountain and I realized I am such a HUGE wimp. You are a huge inspiration to so many people from a small work out to achieving a monuments goal. Then I knew if any of you were struggling the others would be there and these Bible verse came to mind, “Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
    9 Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:
    10 If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up.
    But pity anyone who falls
    and has no one to help them up.” Keep up it!! You are amazing!!!

  2. I cannot imagine how crazy this adventure has been! It’s truly incredible to see how many people are rooting for you all. Think of you all constantly!

  3. Work through the challenges as a team guys. And enjoy this amazing journey you are on. Semper Fi to all.

  4. Gary Grubby · · Reply

    You guys are so inspiring, what a story you will tell to your grand kids.

  5. Edna Berndt · · Reply

    Onward and upwards my heroes! Thinking of all, can’t wait to resume after midnight messages with my girl Kisha!

  6. You guys are kicking ass, keep it up. If you could, please tell Erich I said “Happy Valentines day from the woman”. He will know who it’s from, thank you! Great to hear everyone is staying positive, and that despite the pain, Erich is still bringing laughter to those around him.

  7. Blake Kitch · · Reply

    What an inspiration it is to hear of your struggles and perseverance to get to the top. You have an army of supporters around the globe anxiously waiting to hear of each day’s adventure. What seems like adversity at the time is what makes for lasting memories that you will look back on your accomplishments for years to come as you share your experience with others. Keep Calm and Chive on!

  8. amazing!!! You are all doing soooo well! Very proud of you all!

  9. Wow! What inspirational warriors you are. Each and every one of you. My prayers for a safe journey.

  10. You guys are amazing!! I keep watching for updates. I want to wish everyone a happy valentines day, and hope kishas leg battery gets better,

  11. Happy Valentines Day!! You all inspired too many people, we are all praying for your safety.

  12. Gabe Sevigny · · Reply

    Super Proud Kisha! GET SOME!!

  13. Good job guys. Vypr Ballistic is supporting you guys all the way. Keep up the good work you are true inspirations to everyone. Can’t wait to see the pics when you get home.

    1. Mac, we loved having the Vypr sunglasses with us along the way. We will try to get some photos to you with them on once we get back. Thanks for the support.

  14. Dan Andrade Jr. · · Reply

    You guys are amazing!!! Keep up the trek and stay safe!!! Miss you son and everyone at GMas says Hi. I’ll keep watching for updates. Dad

  15. Pat Farmer · · Reply

    I am amazed by all of you

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