Monthly Archives: September 2013

Kilimanjaro Warriors Conquer Arizona

The Kilimanjaro Warriors went to Arizona the weekend of 13-16 September. Our goals for the trip were: 1. To bond as a team, 2. Push ourselves with consecutive hard, high altitude hikes, and 3. To test our equipment and the prosthetics. By all measures we had a very successful weekend. We accomplished three challenging hikes […]

Kilimanjaro Warriors take Flagstaff

This Friday, September 13, the Kilimanjaro Warriors will gather in Flagstaff, Arizona for four days of high-altitude, long-distance hiking. This gives us a great opportunity to bond together, test equipment and experience the challenges of a multi-day hike. ¬†We will hike around Humphrey’s Peak (below)¬†Friday, September 13, through Monday, September 16, in altitudes up to […]