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Personal updates & Shira Camp: Update 4

The Kilimanjaro Warriors have completed day two on the Lemosho route. While they avoided precipitation today, yesterday’s rain left heaps of mud. From the rainforest, they hiked for 4.5 miles along the Shira Ridge. After 8 hours, they entered high altitude on a desert plateau, finally to arrive at Shira Camp, 11,500 feet. With thick mud, […]

Arrival in Arusha: Update 2

After 33 hours of traveling, we arrived to our hotel in Arusha, Tanzania.  We had some long flights, but overall a great and easy travel experience.  After our royal treatment in DFW and NYC, KLM Airlines hosted us in their Crown Room in Amsterdam. It was a very nice and relaxing way to pass the […]

Kilimanjaro Warriors at Skyball

On the weekend of 4-6 Oct the Kilimanjaro Warriors team all gathered in the DFW area for a series of events. The weekend started with two of our warriors, Erich Ellis and Nick Perales getting a chance to parachute out of a helicopter.   Nick Perales We would like to thank the All Veteran Parachute […]

Kilimanjaro Warriors Conquer Arizona

The Kilimanjaro Warriors went to Arizona the weekend of 13-16 September. Our goals for the trip were: 1. To bond as a team, 2. Push ourselves with consecutive hard, high altitude hikes, and 3. To test our equipment and the prosthetics. By all measures we had a very successful weekend. We accomplished three challenging hikes […]

Kilimanjaro Warriors take Flagstaff

This Friday, September 13, the Kilimanjaro Warriors will gather in Flagstaff, Arizona for four days of high-altitude, long-distance hiking. This gives us a great opportunity to bond together, test equipment and experience the challenges of a multi-day hike.  We will hike around Humphrey’s Peak (below) Friday, September 13, through Monday, September 16, in altitudes up to […]

Press Release

In 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, a young Air Force Captain, Steve Connolly was on the ground serving as a Forward Air Controller.  He controlled 30 airstrikes against enemy targets and captured six prisoners in a battle where one prisoner’s leg was shot off from the knee down. Captain Connolly stabilized the prisoner by applying […]