Arrival in Arusha: Update 2

After 33 hours of traveling, we arrived to our hotel in Arusha, Tanzania.  We had some long flights, but overall a great and easy travel experience.  After our royal treatment in DFW and NYC, KLM Airlines hosted us in their Crown Room in Amsterdam. It was a very nice and relaxing way to pass the time on our three-hour layover.  We were all exhausted when we finally arrived in Tanzania. We certainly enjoyed sleeping in beds!


An 8 a.m. Heineken in the KLM lounge in Amsterdam.

9 February 2014

This morning we were met by the ClimbKili staff and we were given a briefing on what to expect on the climb.  We will begin our climb on February 10 at a starting elevation of 7,000 feet, traversing about 3-4 miles through a rain forest.   Our guide says it’s called a rain forest for a reason, so we can expect a wet day.  He also said we will not have a way to send out updates until the second day of our hike. So, stay tuned!

Enjoying some Kilimanjaro Premium Lager!

This morning, our guide wanted to show us around the city of Arusha and we took him up on the opportunity.  We saw many local markets as we drove around.  We also picked up a few pieces of extra gear we needed.  Once again, we are being treated like rockstars and so far everyone feels great!  Luckily, we are able to make each other laugh at almost any situation we encounter… something we hope continues through the climb.  So far, all is good as we prepare to conquer the mountain we have all trained so hard for!

More updates to come. Thanks for following our journey!


  1. Sven….
    We liked the pictures. Glad your enjoying area so far. All is well here….praying for all of you. GO KILI! M and D

  2. Melissa Lamke · · Reply

    Wow… So inspirational. Can’t wait for the next update.

  3. Am sure you will have a great trip!

  4. The big day is finally here! I’m so thrilled for the whole team and I can’t wait for the update. You have already accomplished so much just by getting there and now to see a vision become a reality…that’s amazing! Blessing and protection on your climb.

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