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Londorossi Gate: Update 3

As the Kilimanjaro Warriors embark on this monumental goal for recovery, we would like to send well wishes and encouragement to RB Helterbrand as he begins to tackle a mountain of his own. We are rooting for you, RB! The Kilimanjaro Warriors had an early and wet morning as they departed their hotel for Mount […]

Arrival in Arusha: Update 2

After 33 hours of traveling, we arrived to our hotel in Arusha, Tanzania.  We had some long flights, but overall a great and easy travel experience.  After our royal treatment in DFW and NYC, KLM Airlines hosted us in their Crown Room in Amsterdam. It was a very nice and relaxing way to pass the […]

Here we go! Update 1

6 February 2014 The Kilimanjaro Warriors had several early obstacles to overcome as we began our journey.  Unfortunately a snowstorm hit the DFW area the day before everyone’s scheduled arrival. The first obstacle involved Steve Martin’s flight from Phoenix….it was cancelled!  Luckily through our great American Airlines representative, Toni Russell,  the AA Veterans Initiative Program […]

The why behind Kilimanjaro Warriors

A guest blog by Kilimanjaro Warriors’ founder, Steve Connolly As we are about to embark on our journey to summit Africa’s highest mountain, I wanted to explain what this journey means to me and why I wanted to begin a project like this. I want this project to be about our team, but I think […]

Cold weather training in North Carolina with the All Veteran Parachute Team

Last weekend, The All Veteran Parachute team hosted the Kilimanjaro Warriors in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We were invited to do our first cold weather training hike to help prepare for our upcoming expedition.  With the journey to Mount Kilimanjaro beginning in just three weeks, this was our last session to test our equipment and our […]

Kilimanjaro Warriors at Skyball

On the weekend of 4-6 Oct the Kilimanjaro Warriors team all gathered in the DFW area for a series of events. The weekend started with two of our warriors, Erich Ellis and Nick Perales getting a chance to parachute out of a helicopter.   Nick Perales We would like to thank the All Veteran Parachute […]

Kilimanjaro Warriors Conquer Arizona

The Kilimanjaro Warriors went to Arizona the weekend of 13-16 September. Our goals for the trip were: 1. To bond as a team, 2. Push ourselves with consecutive hard, high altitude hikes, and 3. To test our equipment and the prosthetics. By all measures we had a very successful weekend. We accomplished three challenging hikes […]